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Increase Your Buying Power!

Complete Credit Building Services

Repairing your credit, building your credit profile,
and increasing your buying power has never been faster or more affordable.



Order Your Real-Time, 3 in 1 Credit Report and Credit Scores.

You will also be enrolled in our services for:

  • FREE Credit Repair
  • FREE Student Loan Rehab
  • FREE Debt Negotiation Coaching
  • FREE Mortgage/Auto Approval Assistance

3 in 1 credit reports with up-to-date-credit scores refreshed periodically throughout the program. Just $39.95 mo. Cancel anytime. Available for immediate download in your back office. Easily monitor your progress and see your results through your secure online account. 

Use Our Free Credit Building Services to Reach Your Credit Goals in the Shortest Time Possible.


Credit Repair Services

We’ll investigate all of your accounts you tag as inaccurate and provide dispute letters for you to mail. Mailing services are available for an additional charge. 


Mortgage/Auto Approval Assistance

We review your credit accounts with you to determine the issues preventing you from getting your loan and then work with you to take the necessary steps to get you credit ready as fast as possible.


Student Loan Rehab Program

Our staff will review your collection accounts, locate and communicate with the companies to determine your eligibility for the Loan Rehab program.  If eligible, we will work with you to determine your monthly budget and communicate with your lenders to obtain the lowest possible payment. Once approved, we will confirm the plan has been implemented.  After you make nine months on-time payments, you can expect the removal of the negative information reporting to your credit report.  Program completion should take 1 to 3 months.


Debt Negotiation Coaching

We will provide you with expert, proven advice to effectively deal with creditors and collectors and negotiate your best possible savings.  We will also coach you to make sure it is done legally and protect you from future issues. 

Credit Check Complete Membership

3 in 1 credit reports with up-to-date-credit scores refreshed periodically
throughout your program.
Easily monitor your progress and track your results.



  • FREE Credit Repair
  • FREE Student Loan Rehab
  • FREE Debt Negotiation Coaching
  • FREE Mortgage/Auto/ Approval Assistance

Get Additional Protection and Peace of Mind With Our Other Important Credit Services.


Legal Services

Legal Plans specific for consumers or businesses dealing with
credit and debt issues
Includes discounted legal services
Attorneys licensed in your state
Zero out-of-pocket Debt Defender program
If a creditor files a lawsuit, no-cost legal representation or court cost
Zero out-of-pocket FCRA & FDCPA violation protection programs
No cost attorney representation plus contingency penalty awards


Business Credit Building

Build your business credit
Protect your personal credit
Verify your personal creditworthiness
Build your business credit and Paydex score
Assistance to repair credit issues
Funding options available to grow your business

A Proven Track Record with Years of Experience

Our experience in credit building services spans over 12 years. We are confident that our dispute skills and depth of knowledge in the credit repair industry will help you reach your credit goals faster than any other credit improvement service available.





Our Customers

“Dear CCC Client Services,

Thank you for the service CCC provided my wife and I. As you know, our credit scores were prohibiting us from refinancing our home and with the adjustable-rate we had, making the higher payments would have been extremely difficult. Within 3 months of becoming a client of CCC, our credit scores rose high enough to allow us to refinance and secure a competitive fixed rate mortgage.

CCC did everything promised and more! I will be recommending your company to anyone and everyone who needs similar help. Again, thank you for everything, we are so grateful.”


“Thank you, Credit Check,

Your credit ready program worked just as you stated. I love the fact that you stay on top of things and I appreciate the professional service.”


“Thanks again for all your help.

I appreciate what you have accomplished in such a short time. It has allowed us to buy a new home and have a fresh start. I would recommend your services to everyone.”

Dan, State Police Officer

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* Free services only available with your monthly $39.95 Credit Check Complete credit report subscription.

There are various types of credit scores, and lenders use a variety of different types of credit scores to make lending decisions. The credit score you receive is based on the VantageScore 3.0 model and may not be the credit score model used by your lender.

There's nothing you need to do to have your membership continue without interruption. If you'd like to get more information about cancellation, simply contact us here anytime.

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