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Protect Your Identity Online With CreditCheckComplete.

Don’t be the next victim of identity theft or credit fraud. Protect your identity around the clock with the strongest state-of-the-art monitoring technology.

Why Protect Your Identity Online?

The digital era has brought many conveniences, from making purchases without leaving home to viewing accounts and paying bills with the click of a mouse. While our increasingly paperless lives may lessen the risk of off-line causes of identity theft—such as stolen mail or trash—they also render us vulnerable in new ways. Here are a few examples:


Password Security

Creating easy-to-guess passwords, applying the same password across multiple websites, and storing all passwords in one place leaves you vulnerable.


Unsecured Websites

When shopping online, only trust reputed businesses with a secure (https) domain.


Unsafe Connections

If you’re using the internet without a firewall and antivirus software, you could fall prey to hackers who might steal your personal information.



Phishing scams occur when a criminal portrays themselves as a legitimate entity, such as an auction site, IT administrator, or bank, and requests a target’s information via email or a fake website or they send you a link or document to get you to click so they can install malware or virus on your computer.



Doxing happens when cyber criminals obtains a victim’s personal information and then threatens to publish it online unless the victim performs certain desired actions.


SSN Identity Theft

This one of the most common types of identity theft. This is because the social security number (SSN) is the most valuable government-based identity asset an American can possess.

Protect your identity online with Credit Check Complete’s state-of-the-art identity protection and credit monitoring.

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