Monthly Legal Plans Are an Affordable Alternative to Hiring Your Own  Attorney

Our monthly legal plans are supported by nearly 20,000 attorneys nation-wide that average nearly 20 years in practice. When a need arises simply contact us and you will be referred to one of our attorneys to discuss your issue and develop a plan for resolution. All for one low monthly fee.

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Often-times you will not understand your legal options until you consult with an attorney. Here is what your monthly legal insurance plan includes.


Unlimited initial phone conversation on all new legal matters

A provided attorney will speak with you for each legal matter you may have to understand your situation a chart a course for resolution.


Initial face-to-face consultation on all new legal matters

Your attorney will speak with you face-to-face over a virtual meeting. You will see him or her and gain confidence that they will work hard on your behalf.


Review of legal documents

Do you have a contract you need to be reviewed before you sign? Your attorney will look over any legal document [6 pages or less] to ensure it is written in with your best interest in mind.


Letters and phone calls on your behalf

An attorney will write letters on your behalf when deemed appropriate from our attorney network. 


Assistance solving problems with government programs

With government paperwork easily getting lost in the cracks, an attorney specializing in governmental regulations will help you solve issues that arise through your interaction with governmental entities.


Assistance with small claims court

Small claims court can be scary whether you are on offense or defense. We will professionally represent you in any small claims court case you may have.


Featuring DebtGuard

DebtGuard is our flagship product and included in your monthly legal plan.

When it comes to dealing with debt law suits, we are on the front lines for you providing you with sound counsel and experienced advice on how best to manage your debt claims. We will work for you to achieve the best results possible providing you full transparency and one of our preferred attorneys to defend any of your creditor lawsuits, all the way through trial, if necessary with no deductible, no co-pay, and no plan limitations.

Debt Guard is included in your monthly legal plan [$69mo] and requires a 90 day waiting period. If you are in immediate need of legal representation or are in the middle of a lawsuit we have options available to meet your needs.

Other professional legal services a greatly discounted rate

In addition to our legal services included in your monthly plan, our network of attorneys offer a multitude of other legal services at deeply discounted rates.

Below are 8 of the most common services our members request.


$155 – $365

$250 – $530

$750 – $1,500

$275 – $1,490

$275 – $1,100

$295 – $585

$250 – $675

Put You & Your Family in Good Hands

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